Uh, speaking of property rights...

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>I posted something here about a week ago on property rights and forester
>licensing and didn't get any response at all.  So I'm curious.  Did I make my
>case so well that no rebuttal was possible? <G>  Or are y'all just sick of
>hearing about licensing?  Andrew?


  I'm not Andrew, but having already stuck my  neck out tonight in
alt.forestry, I'll give this one a run, too.

I've wondered several times if you are Joe Zorzin are one and the same from the
way your one-two punches seem to appear in tandem.  Maybe you are two
individuals, but when you two (one?) get going, many of the posts are shouting
out to me "My mind is made up, don't you dare confuse me with the facts." 

I'll give you an example of what I mean.   There is a constant barrage of
criticism of MA forestry officialdom.  I seem to recall that this extended to
the state extension forester, saying essentially that he did nothing  to help
good forestry in your state (this was in a posting by Joe, not by you, but I
haven't seen any disagreement from you).  

Your state extension forester, however, had a large part in one of the better
videos distributed to landowners.  Maybe you didn't know that videos are a more
common media for landowner education than the Internet is?

I just have a hard time relating to those who build themselves up by tearing
others down, however worthy the cause (or message).   You and Joe both are
fighting for good goals, but you're losing many of us by the methods employed.

In today's vernacular, negativism "sucks."


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