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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Wed Jan 27 06:16:34 EST 1999

KMorrisD wrote:
> forestfair at aol.com (ForestFair) wrote:
> >I'll give you an example of what I mean.   There is a constant barrage of
> >criticism of MA forestry officialdom.  I seem to recall that this extended to
> >the state extension forester, saying essentially that he did nothing  to help
> >good forestry in your state (this was in a posting by Joe, not by you, but I
> >haven't seen any disagreement from you).
> Actually I think our state extension forester is doing a good job considering
> he's only one third extension and two thirds academic...or something like that.
>  And I hear he does a great job teaching classes at UMass.

Right, at the Umass forestry school which should have been shut down 20
years ago because 99% of those graduates can't find jobs in the state,
and either leave the area or work at McDonalds, those without the proper
connection to Mass. politicians.

> >I just have a hard time relating to those who build themselves up by tearing
> >others down, however worthy the cause (or message).   You and Joe both are
> >fighting for good goals, but you're losing many of us by the methods
> >employed.
> >
> >In today's vernacular, negativism "sucks."
> I made a new year's resolution to lay off on criticizing forestry bureaucrats,
> and despite a few lapses, I think I'm at least keeping to the spirit of it.
> That was part of the motivation in "rewriting" the Massachusetts forestry laws.
>  Have you had a chance to look at the proposed new ones yet?

And since those burros are still useless and always will be, no need to
let up on them. <G> And if Forest Fair doesn't like our comments she
ought not to read them. Unless she ALSO believes in censorship of ideas
she doesn't like.

And furthermore, regarding her comment that negativism sucks, it's
people with that idea that would never have resisted Hitler, or those
raciist governments down in Dixie, or other forms of oppression because
that would have been "negativism". And usually people with such
attitudes against negativism invariably have juicy career jobs, so they
don't have a clue about what such struggles are about.

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