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>>The project will log 2,252 acres of old-growth, build 20.5 miles of new
>>roads, 16 acres of helicopter landings to allow logging in four roadless
>>areas, and reconstruct 70 miles of new road.

>Now let's see, divide 48 million by 2,252 acres and we get, ummm.....21.3
>Mbf/acre. I doubt this is true. Pretty incredible volume to average over the
>entire sale (Possible, but unlikely).

If you actually read, rather than ranted against, the post you'd
understand that it didn't say it that the entire sales program was
in roadless areas, or of old-growth.

It's a big sale, portions of which are being opposed.

>I think this is GREAT. It's about time the USFS got off the dime and started
>to operate Matrix Lands under the NFP. What Steve is neglecting to tell us
>here, is that the NFP removed about 75% of the available timberland from

Let's see, of remaining old-growth the NFP frees about 1/3 for traditional
harvest (modified clearcuts), 1/3 in Ancient Forest Preserves, and 1/3
available for limited harvest.

It is not true that 75% of available timberland has been removed from
management.  It is true that much of the available timberland was
harvested in the last two decades and it will be quite some time
before the replacement stands have grown to the point where 
they'll be harvested.

>And if you read the Plan, there's unbelievably stringent standard's and
>guidelines that constrain harvesting activities (including roads).

"unbelievable" as in prudent?


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