Management Question

Fri Jan 29 23:53:22 EST 1999

If that's Shagbark Hickory good luck! I've never used a "hypo hatchet"
but did have a tree injector. I gave it up for an oil can and ax (frill
and squirt). I'd be a little leery of splatter with the "hypo" (mask and
eye protection?). Probably the safest chem of the three is Roundup. But
regardless of which you use, read the labels thoroughly. Each of those
chems will affect different species differently and have individual
handling and mixing directions. I tend to agree with Joe about the use
of chems anymore and am pretty entrenched in sawing off at ground level.
I guess it bothers me to intentionally leave dead trees standing in the
woods especially big ones. Den trees are another matter.
Where's Susan, the Missouri forester?

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