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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Sat Jan 30 10:16:20 EST 1999

KMorrisD wrote:
> DVK <dvank at michweb.net> wrote:
> >I wish we had that program in MI.  We all (in the U.S.) need a timber basis
> >established for new properties to minimize future tax burdens to Uncle Sam.
> >I know
> >this is obvious to ya'll here, but the average land owner in MI doesn't have
> >a clue
> >about this one.
> Good point.  Most accountants don't have a clue either when it comes to timber
> sales.  I hate to say it, but some of the responsibility here lies with
> foresters.  We should spend more time educating accountants to the need for
> calculating investment basis on timber sales.
> >I still think education is the key.  I haven't yet seen consulting foresters
> >(other
> >than in this venue) reaching out to the general populace.  If silvicultural
> >plans
> >are mandated, there would be even less encentive (and time) to reach out.
> >Any
> >ideas?
> One of the problems is that it takes a lot of time to "educate" folks about
> forestry.  You can't spend half a day talking to a landowner about a 50 Mbf
> improvement harvest/thinning and charge your normal fees.  So I have lots of
> handouts that I give people, but if they don't read them...
> I guess that's part of the justification for service foresters.  But if I still
> have to spend half a day "uneducating" the landowner about all the
> disinformation they've received from the statie...<G>

Right, the service foresters must give up baby sitting consultants and
go earn their keep selling forestry, or else.

> BTW, I don't see how mandating silvicultural plans would necessarily entail
> less time for outreach.  There would still be competition among foresters for
> those clients.  They might actually have to do a better job of outreach to get
> the business.
> And of course by the time we get to the point of requiring silvicultural plans,
> all landowners  will be online and all foresters will have wonderful web sites
> with lots of information. <G>

Sure. We'll do everything on line, including timber showings; as we'll
upload holographic images of our forests with "cat" scans of the trees.
All paper work and money will flow over the net; without any bureaucrats
at all. <G>

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