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Sun Jan 31 16:53:30 EST 1999

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Eric Miller wrote:
> >
> > Recently saw the "Clinton Chronicles", documentary. Guess its been
> > around for a few years, but if even half of what they claimed was true,
> > this IPOTUS should be serving several consecutive life sentences in a
> > Federal Prison. I have some doubts about the film's objectivity and
> > evidence though. The trick that apparently has been used over and over
> > to quash investigations is to appoint an investigator who then
> > subpoena's all of the relevant documents and seals them up, claiming the
> > investigation yield no substantial evidence. Hmmm. Pretty good trick.
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> > How many hardware guys does it take to change a light bulb?
> > "Well the diagnostics say it's fine buddy, so it's a software problem."
> What's an IPOTUS?

Impostering President of the United States.

Drifting again, are we not?
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