LANDSCOPE: Americans Favor Roadless Area Protection (corrected)

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Fri Jul 30 20:22:33 EST 1999

Surveys, everyone knows, can be designed so that they obtain the desired
results.  Such may be the case with the Heritage Forest Campaign survey quoted

I use Juno free e-mail for nearly all of my e-mail -- in return for free
e-mail, ads are displayed during opening, sending and receiving operations. 
user is given an option to close the ad, or to obtain more information, after
which, typically, there is an order form which must be filled in and sent to be

I'm almost positive that this survey by the Heritage Forest Campaign is one
that I responded to, but not intentionally.  When I looked for more information
after the initial ad was presented, that triggered an irrevocable vote AGAINST
roads.  There was no opportunity to vote FOR roads, nor any opportunity to
withdraw my "vote" against.

The issue is not HOW I would have voted -- I would not have voted based on the
very limited information presented.  And, short of exiting the program and
deleting the reply by going to File Manager (no disparaging comments about
Windows 3.11 users, please!), there was no way to cancel my "vote."


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>LANDSCOPE, News and Views from American Lands - July 29, 1999
>Americans Favor Roadless Area Protection  
>A recent nationwide poll conducted by the Melmann Group, Inc. for the
>Heritage Forest Campaign concluded that the overwhelming majority of
>Americans favor protecting more National Forest land as wilderness.
>Sixty-three percent support a proposal to protect roadless areas larger that
>1,000 acres, while more than 70 percent favors a ban on oil drilling,
>logging, and mining in roadless areas.  The poll showed that Americans
>desire to protect roadless areas is transcending party, gender, and region.
>. . . The Clinton Administration will be announcing its draft policy
>regarding road construction and protection of roadless areas on the National
>Forests in the near future.  In addition to the results of this poll,
>250,000 postcards and email messages from the public are additional proof
>that the people want protection for our roadless areas.  This is President
>Clinton's best opportunity to leave future generations a legacy of pristine
>wildlands by permanently protecting the roadless areas.  For additional
>information on the poll please contact Richard Hoppe, Heritage Forest
>Campaign at 202/861-2242 or mailto:rhoppe at
>Public Supports More Parks and Open Spaces: Opinion surveys from both
>Republican and Democrat pollsters concerning the Land and Water Conservation
>Fund show that the public supports preserving national parks, wilderness,
>and other open spaces, reports the Eugene Register-Guard in an article by
>Larry Swisher.   Republican pollster Frank Luntz found that more than 75
>percent of Westerners favor protecting wildlife, expanding and creating new
>national and state lands, and purchasing easements, dispelling the myth that
>people in the West feel there is "too much public land."  Democratic
>pollster Mark Mellman found that voters feel that government at all levels
>is not doing a good job of protecting and creating public land.


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