Binary posts on forestry.

Don Staples dstaples at
Thu Jun 3 12:10:53 EST 1999

Binary posts are generally forbidden on news groups, unless that news
group is designed for such.  Bionet.agroforestry, as well as most of the
bionet groups, frown on binary posts.  Steve Nix, at what used to be the
MiningCo and now, has a new dephi based board that makes it
easy to upload binary posts relating to the forestry, agroforestry and
the profession in general.  The following url will take you there, and
you will be asked to enroll as in the past with the MiningCo, be advised
that the sign up process is a little more complicated than the MiningCo,
and your old pass word will not work.  There is currently a "tree ID"
portion that Steve is starting up again, and I am sure he would welcome
posts of the botanical nature.

Don Staples
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