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2nd International Conference on Multiple Objective Decision Support
Systems for Land, Water and Environmental Management (MODSS'99)  ...
AND ...  Community Participation Workshop (1 -6 August 1999, Brisbane,

Over the past decade, the challenges facing those who have the
responsibility for making sound resource management decisions have
multiplied. The underlying concept of management is influenced by a
pragmatic recognition of the worldwide trend towards a more holistic,
multi-use, multi-value view of the wider environment. Coupled with the
complexity of decision making is the increasing role that the public
will play in decisions relating to natural resource management. Public
interest groups are no longer content to evaluate current land-use
systems merely in terms of economics and production, but are
increasingly looking towards measures of ecological health,
environmental ethics, cultural sustainability and equity.

Your attendance at this conference will help you to more effectively
meet these challenges. A key feature of this conference is that it
brings together a range of expertise and disciplines including
technical experts, decision support and model developers, social and
participatory process researchers, policy makers and resource managers.
Presentations will provide an overview of state-of-the-art computer-
based models, information systems, tools and participatory processes to
help support multiple objective environmental decision making. A major
aim of MODSS'99 is to involve participants in exploring how these
different applications and approaches can be better integrated and
linked together, and almost half the conference's time is devoted to
providing facilitated workshop sessions and discussion forums to help
achieve this.

Further details on the MODSS99 Conference are provided on the website:

Submitted abstracts can be viewed at the conference web site, and a
number of full submitted papers will also be available shortly through
this site.  Registration information and accommodation details can also
be accessed through the website. Keynote speakers at the Conference
include Dr Tim Flannery, Prof Wil Graf (Arizona State University) and
Dr Barry Jones.

The organisers are confidant that participants at this conference will
establish new networks and collaborative ventures. It is planned that
the conference website will continue and play a major role in
supporting these initiatives, and become an international hub for MODSS
research and practice. The proceedings will be published on CD Rom and
the website.

Some sessions are full, but we do have space in other sessions. If you
would like to present a paper please contact the conference organisers
ASAP. Poster papers are still being accepted  – and these will be
included in the published proceedings.

Two linked components of the Conference will involve the community in
addressing issues of multi-stakeholder decision making for resource use.
* Mid-Conference Field Trip (on Wednesday 4 August) to the Lockyer
Valley west of Brisbane will familiarise delegates with the location,
local resource planning issues, activities and achievement towards
integrated catchment management.  A specific issue which the community
wish to resolve is Floodplain Management, and presentations during the
field trip will provide information and local opinions.
* A special Community Participation Workshop (on Friday 6 August) will
subsequently apply the outcomes from the Conference and the field trip
to examine in a practical way how multiple objective decision support
tools can be used by ICM and catchment coorinators to resolve an issue
on catchment resource use and planning, using floodplain management in
the Lockyer Catchment as a case study. The proposed format for the
Workshop will allow  participants to work through the process of
identifying decision criteria, defining the feasible options, dealing
with constraints of information and resources and providing a forum for
engaging community in the decision making process.

*  MODSS: concepts, theory and developments
*  Towards integrated multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder decision
*  Developments in MODSS components
*  Applications in watershed management and natural resource management
*  Decision tools and emerging technology for the 21st century

IT hardware and software, GIS, monitoring, education, interactive media
firms: The opportunity is available to expose your products and
services to an international audience of users.

The Department of Natural Resources Queensland
Centre for Integrated Resource Management
USDA Agricultural Research Service
Land & Water Resouces R & D Corporation

Sally Brown
Conference Connections
PO Box 108 Kenmore QLD 4069 Australia
Telephone +61 7 3201 2808    Fax +61 7 3201 2809
Email:  sally.brown at

For more details about the event visit the Conference WebSite

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