LANDSCOPE: PA Bureau of Forestry Promotes Clearcutting in Children

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Subject: LANDSCOPE:  PA Bureau of Forestry Promotes Clearcutting in  Children's Book   

LANDSCOPE, News and Views from American Lands - June 8, 1999

PA Bureau of Forestry Promotes Clearcutting in Children's Book  

In an effort to promote clearcutting, the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry is
releasing a taxpayer funded children's book entitled, "Let's Talk About
Clearcutting - A Forestry Book For Youth."  The book tries to convince the
unwary child that there is nothing wrong with clearcutting.  The book fails
to mention the potential long-term problems of even-aged artificial
"forests" created by clearcutting, erosion, invasive species and predation
problems caused by logging roads, the inability of wildlife to successfully
move from clearcut areas because of their territorial nature, or the simple
fact that forests evolved for millions of years without logging.  The book
closes:  "So you see . . when clearcutting is done in the right place, in
the right way, and at the right time, it can be good for people, good for
wildlife, and good for the forest."  To view a copy of the book online visit

. . . This shameful production is "education" at its worst.  Unfortunately,
many forestry departments refuse to accept the overwhelming scientific
evidence against clearcutting from wildlife biologists, hydrologists, and
ecologists.  To let the PA Bureau of Forestry know what you think of this
book visit 

Bring Back Wolves to Oregon:  At a recent conference sponsored by the
National Wildlife Federation and the Hells Canyon Preservation Council, wolf
activists and ranchers discussed the prospect of reintroducing wolves to
Oregon.  The conference was inspired by B-45, the female wolf spotted in
February that is the first wild wolf confirmed in Oregon since 1964.  While
it seems no wolves will be released in Oregon, Ed Bangs of the U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service expects it is just a matter of time before more wolves make
their way across the Snake River and into Oregon.

Spotlight on Hells Canyon:  The 1,493,444 acre Hells Canyon/Chief Joseph
National Preserve would be protected by the Northern Rockies Ecosystem
Protection Act, H.R. 488, now before the 106th Congress.  To learn more
about the area please visit June's Wild Rockies Bioregional Spotlight at 99/hellscanyon.html
Please urge your Representative to cosponsor H.R. 488 by calling 202/225-3121.

Off-Road Vehicle Damage:  As the number of sport utility and other off-road
vehicles increases, damage to backcountry sites along Utah's Wasatch Front
is up, according to Forest Service officials.  Ogden Forest Service Ranger
Ruth Monohan and Forest Service law enforcement officer Linda Peterson
pointed to damage on near the mouth of Ogden Canyon, up North Ogden Divide,
and hillsides north of Weber Canyon.  They also made note of the road
between Liberty and Avon, whose gate  has been repeatedly damaged and

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