Mal-formed Privet.

Anthony G Booth abooth at
Wed Jun 9 05:25:00 EST 1999

I am not a horticulturalist but have become intrigued by a type of 
mal-formed growth which I have observed.  Please can anybody suggest for 
me the cause of the mal-formation of growth in the sample of a privet 
branch shown at:

The branch has grown as though it is made up of about a dozen parallel 
branches connected as a flat slab with thickness equivalent to one branch. 
 Note in the picture that the leaf at lower right centre, of which the 
back is viewed and which is partly obscured by another curved leaf, 
consists of two leaves growing from each other.

There have been a number of other mal-formed growths around our dwelling 
in the past couple of years, not just this case with the privet.  Is this 
perhaps the effect of stray weed killing chemicals from near-by lawn 

Tony Booth   Streatham London England   abooth at

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