Another management question....

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Mon Jun 14 22:57:09 EST 1999

Try hack 'n squirt w/ Arsenal. One hack/vine. Won't affect the oaks.

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>Looking for some input and suggestions on timber stand improvement here
>in Southern Missouri. I have 40 some acres of mostly 4 to 6 inch
>diameter mixed oak that for the most part is still a little young I feel
>to thin but the grape vines are really taking over in some parts of
>these stands. I have been cutting these back with pruners but I know
>they will sprout back and will be to deal with again.  Any suggestions
>on how best to control them??  Also, what are your opinions on pruning
>lower branches of oaks say as you would a walnut stand? I have had
>foresters tell me that studies show it hurts wood quality. How can this
>be if done properly and the same way you would walnut trees??
>One more thing, is there any federal tax benefits with owning and
>managing woodlands? My tax preparer says interest on the land is not
>deductible like it would be on a cattle or hay farm. At least until you
>sell the land or the timber. Thanks for any help.
There's a depletion allowance. And depreciation if you really need it, but
usually that's undireable unless you have a problem with too much money.

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