Quincy Plans Call For More Logging

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LANDSCOPE, News and Views from American Lands - July 22, 1999

Quincy Plans Call For More Logging 

The Forest Service has released two draft management strategies to implement
the Quincy Library Group rider that would allow extensive logging in the
Plumas, Lassen and Tahoe National Forests.  "Neither alternative provides
adequate water quality or wildlife habitat protection on a 2.5 million acre
region, including forests in the Feather River basin, which provides much of
northern and central California's drinking water," said Scott Hoffman Black
of the Sierra Nevada Forest Protection Campaign.  "The Forest Service has
missed an opportunity to protect forests, streams, and wild California. . .
they have proposed to increase logging and road construction at the expense
of taxpayers."  For additional information contact Scott Hoffman Black at
916/442-3155 or mailto:sierra at unlimited.net

. . .The Forest Service needs to do better to protect the old growth,
roadless areas and water quality in the Sierra Nevada.  You can comment on
the Quincy proposals until July 26.  Send your comments to David Peters,
Project Manager, US Forest Service, Herger-Feinstein Quincy Library Group
Forest Recovery Act Pilot Project, PO Box 11500, Quincy, CA 95971,
mailto:fract/r5_plumas at fs.fed.us For more information and a complete action
alert see http://www.americanlands.org/forestweb/qlginfo.htm

Forest Service Will Not Discipline Scientist: The USFS will take no
disciplinary action against a geologist in California whose criticism of
state forestry practices angered supporters of the timber industry in the US
Congress, reports The Times Standard of Eureka, CA. Leslie Reid, a geologist
for the Forest Service in Arcata, CA came under fire from six congressional
Republicans when she reported that her research shows that California forest
practice regulations do not prevent landslides and other erosion damage to
streams from clearcutting on steep slopes.  Robert Lewis Jr., USFS deputy
chief for research and development said that Reid was not attempting to
influence legislation before the California State Assembly when she replied
to a request for information from Assembly Speaker Pro Tem Fred Keeley.

Property Rights Groups File Suit to Stop Moratorium: The group Frontiers of
Freedom and the Wyoming Timber Industry Association have challenged the
Forest Service roadbuilding moratorium on the grounds that it violates an
act of Congress from 1984 which established wilderness in Wyoming says the
Casper Star Tribune.  Conservationists plan to intervene in the suit in
support of the moratorium.  In a related article, the paper reports that the
Forest Service has documented severe environmental degradation caused by
roads as well as fiscal strain on the agency due to the immense maintenance
costs of the road system.  According to the Star Tribune, the USFS blames
roads for fragmentation of wildlife habitat, introduction of invasive
species, pollution of drinking water supplies and destruction of fish habitat.

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