166 Representatives Sign Hinchey/Horn Letter to Protect National Fo

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Subject: 166 Representatives Sign Hinchey/Horn Letter to Protect  National Forest Roadless Areas

For Immediate Release: June 24, 1999
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166 Representatives Sign Hinchey/Horn Letter to Protect National Forest
Roadless Areas

	A bi-partisan letter signed by 166 Representatives was sent to President
Clinton today, calling on the Administration to protect all National Forest
roadless areas 1,000 acres and larger.  "As the millennium dawns,
safeguarding those remaining wilderness areas will provide a lasting legacy
akin to the bold actions taken by President Theodore Roosevelt when he set
aside our first forest reserves." said the letter sponsored by Reps. Maurice
Hinchey (D- NY) and Steve Horn (R-CA).  "We urge you to act boldly in that
tradition so that these national treasures are not lost."

	"We wish to thank all of these Representatives for standing up for our
nation's natural heritage," said Steve Holmer, Campaign Coordinator for
American Lands.  "Roads harm the environment through habitat loss,
fragmentation and sedimentation of streams.  As a result, roadless areas
contain much of the remaining high-quality habitat for salmon and other cold
water fish." 

	When President Clinton announced the development of a roadless area policy,
he said that "these unspoiled places must be managed by science, not
politics."  Hundreds of scientists sent the President a letter stating that
"a scientifically sound policy for roadless areas should, at a minimum,
protect from development all roadless areas larger than 1,000 acres."
According to the National Marine Fisheries Service, the EPA and the Fish and
Wildlife Service these areas are "aquatic strongholds" that should remain

	"The Forest Service admits that only 18% of the roads are being maintained
each year and the total backlog of needed repairs is over $8 billion dollars
and growing," said Randi Spivak, President of American Lands.  "As a result,
crumbling roads are falling into the streams and causing catastrophic
landslides each year.  With over 433,000 miles of roads on the National
Forests, it doesn't make sense to keep building new roads that threaten our
remaining pristine wildlands."
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