Red Oak

Wed Jun 23 23:03:30 EST 1999

General practice here in Illinois is 10'x10' spacing with planting in
the spring. Weed control is encouraged but not fertilizing. The site
should be well drained. 

After 20 years of the above I like 20'x20' spacing and maintaining full
stocking. This means less thinning later. No weed control or
fertilizing. If one uses weed control it only helps the deer find them.
No mowing either as the rows make for a smorgasbord path. Plant the type
of tree that is doing well or will do well on that site. Prune limbs
from that part of the bole that is equal or greater than 4".  If you
start to see browse damage your going to have to protect the main leader
by staking, tree shelters, bud caps, or some other method. By planting
early spring one gets to protect the seedlings one winter before
throwing them into the wild. Good Luck!

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