Quincy Plans Call For More Logging

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The QLG plan does come anywhere near cutting the net growth in the area (it
barely exceeds mortality). The plan was NOT developed by Washington
lobbyists. That is why the eco-freaks from D.C. are frothing at the mouth:
they were cut out of the power play. The plan WAS established by LOCAL
eco-groups, public officials and commercial forester folks; and done by
consensus (which means anyone at anytime could've torpedoed the whole
thing). It's a plan that the folks who live there believe represents good
land stewardship. So let's keep the outsiders OUT, and see how this whole
thing works. It's much better that  turning over the management of USFS
lands to the fire trucks.
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>> LANDSCOPE, News and Views from American Lands - July 22, 1999
>> Quincy Plans Call For More Logging
>> The Forest Service has released two draft management strategies to
>> the Quincy Library Group rider that would allow extensive logging in the
>> Plumas, Lassen and Tahoe National Forests.
>"Extensive" is quite a subjective word. Much of the western portions of the
>QLG Forests are steep canyon country and I don't think there will be any
>helicopter logging sales.
>  "Neither alternative provides
>> adequate water quality or wildlife habitat protection on a 2.5 million
>> region, including forests in the Feather River basin, which provides much
>> northern and central California's drinking water," said Scott Hoffman
>> of the Sierra Nevada Forest Protection Campaign.  "The Forest Service has
>> missed an opportunity to protect forests, streams, and wild California. .
>> they have proposed to increase logging and road construction at the
>> of taxpayers."
>In many areas, logging NEEDS to be increased to thin drastically
>over-stocked areas that are in very poor health. Of course, the USFS could
>adopt the National Park policy of "let-burn" and then we would see some
>"real logging" occur <G>. (Unfortunately, many USFS foresters do keep that
>thought in the back of their minds.) Also, the comment about the drinking
>water is blatantly false. The Feather River drainage provides a quite small
>portion of drinking water as well as irrigation water. As far as wildlife
>goes, over-stocked and unhealthy forests do very little for wildlife.
>Spotted Owls and goshawks prefer an open understory, deer cannot find
>anything to eat when the forest floor is covered in sticks and snags from
>trees killed by insects and all animals suffer when catostrophic fire comes
>and wipes out the entire stand.
>> . . .The Forest Service needs to do better to protect the old growth,
>> roadless areas and water quality in the Sierra Nevada.  You can comment
>> the Quincy proposals until July 26.  Send your comments to David Peters,
>> Project Manager, US Forest Service, Herger-Feinstein Quincy Library Group
>> Forest Recovery Act Pilot Project, PO Box 11500, Quincy, CA 95971,
>> mailto:fract/r5_plumas at fs.fed.us For more information and a complete
>> alert see http://www.americanlands.org/forestweb/qlginfo.htm
>Come on now!! The QLG has NOTHING to do with old growth timber!! I am as
>much of a critic of the USFS as anybody and this is totally blatant and
>untruthful propaganda. Most of the Sierra Nevada has a moratorium on
>any trees over 30 inches in diameter (another mistake altogether). Why
>you fight against something really worth fighting for? For example, why
>the USFS use under-qualified people to do the timbermarking? Why does the
>USFS dangle the carrot of a future job to a timbermarker in exchange for
>heavy-handed tree selections? Why does the USFS have a "revolving door" on
>the most important field-going positions in timber? Why doesn't the USFS
>monitor and inspect 100% of the harvested areas of their timber sales?????
>These are fundamental and very serious problems that are hidden from the
>public's view. The USFS thinks that anyone that can hold a paintgun can
>timber or prevent environmental damage caused by loggers. Only when
>third-party post-logging monitors shut down timber sales will changes occur
>for the better.
>I encourage all environmentally-minded people to address this to your
>elected leaders and appointed officials.
>Sincerely,   A 17 year "temporary" USFS timber beast
>       Larry Harrell Fotoware
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