IMPORTANT - Super-Ionized Water - A Gift to Humanity to Eradicate Pollution

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A new gift has been presented to mankind that will eradicate all 
pollution and transform humanity. Please read and pass on the message 
of hope!

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         Mother Earth - The New Consciousness and Sacred Water

                A Talk presented by Drunvalo Melchezidek


Some Sufi masters in Turkey who had been doing powerful Zikhr chants
have presented to the world a water that appears to be alive and have
God-consciousness. This water has different effects on different things.
It seems to have an optimal effect on whatever it touches.

They used it in one of the most polluted bays in the world... dark with
black bubbles. It became totally clear within a few days. Unfortunately
the channels coming into the bay continue to pollute it.

Drunvalo Melchezidek  had just come from a meeting with FBI, CIA,
military officials, and top corporation scientists in Washington where
they demonstrated this water in action. It cleared away  the most
disgusting pollution in glass containers (sewage, oil, chemicals) very
quickly with only a teaspoon of the water.

They also did experiments with huge ponds of water with the same
results. This water also put out chemical and petrochemical fires and
methane fires at garbage fill sites that had not been successfully put
out before... and the fires would not restart afterwards. It also works
the same on forest fires.

Some environmental scientists at the meeting said that if a miracle like
this had not come along, the earth would be dead within 3 years due to
the pollution. The best news is that the governments are willing to
allow this water to be used to clear the planet's pollution.

This water is called super-ionized water. A company out of Istanbul,
Turkey has been started by Ihan Doyuk called Perfect Science. A 48
million-dollar plant has been built in Turkey to produce 100,000 tons of
this water a day.

The water seems to have many more uses. Drunvalo could not say more due
to a confidentiality agreement he had signed. He could not tell us what
it does to human bodies but he did say that it may be the most
interesting use of the water of all.


Drunvalo Melchezidek gave this talk on May 1st '99 at the Wesak '99
celebration help at Mount Shasta.  The message has such an importance
that the word needs to go out there and be spread to all. If the version
of the document has been mangled or has parts missing due to multiple
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(Ed: If you want to go directly into the heart of the presentation, skip
to Part II)

Part I - Setting the stage

New concepts and Ideas are coming

Drunvalo: Ok. We are ready to begin now.

What I am about to tell you about today is one of the more exciting
things that I have seen in this world in a long time.

This is brand new; you've never heard me talk about it before and it is
just beginning in the planet right now. As I see it, we are never going
to be the same after this is understood and it is actually really lived
in this world.

About six years ago, I was in meditation with a man called [Chichi Tad
Armachid Vollites (???)], some of you know this [poet (???)]. And, in a
single day, he said he had to leave, that him and most of the ascended
masters, not all of them, but a great deal of them, had to go on a
journey to another universe to live the experience of what we are all
going to live very soon, so that they could find a pathway to this new
world, this new way of being. And, for about the last six years, I have
been alone with the angels and he's been gone.

In January of this year, the angels came in and they said that many of
them are now returning in the Egyptian window which is between January
10th and January 19th. That a certain group of them was coming back, and
were bringing with them the knowledge of what they'd learned over the
last six years. Which, in the other dimensional levels was really
hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years. And that, with their coming
back, new concepts and new ideas that mankind has never known or ever
even conceived of before, would now [emerge (???)] on the earth. Ideas
we've never ever thought of.

So, I am going to give you one of these new ideas, that has... it's new,
but it is always in the universe. But we have never seen it ever before,
not ever. And, I am going to call this talk, Mother Earth - The New
Consciousness and Sacred Water.

Laying the Groundwork

I am going to talk about water. In fact, I am going to drink some right
now (laughter).

Water is more than we know. In order to talk about what is going on with
water, I have to begin by laying out some groundwork so you can
understand a larger context of what I am really talking about here.

So, let's imagine ourselves coming in from space for the first time into
this solar system. As we pass through all of these different planets,
through the outer planets of Pluto and Neptune. As we are making our way
in towards the sun, we come to this planet here, that we are on, which
is unique and different from all the other ones because it is a water
planet. Almost all of the surface of this planet is water. And when you
come down to the surface of this planet, the beings that live here, the
humans, the dogs, the cats, the trees, and all the life forms that live
here, come from water, and are made of water. Our bodies are almost all

As we live on this water planet, in water bodies, we are attracted to
water. If you move through the forest and you come to a river, your
heart is pulled to that place, because you can feel the life energy that
is there.

Water is... alive. It's more alive than we know. And I'm beginning to
truly understand what the ancients have said, that the waters are living

There was a man named Jesus who began his ministry with baptism; baptism
into water. What does that mean? What does it really mean to be baptized
in the water?

To explain this a little bit, I have to go a little bit mathematical in
a way. In ancient times, there were five shapes, the five Platonic
solids. Each one of these five Platonic solids had an element associated
with them. There was the tetrahedron, the cube, the octahedron, the
icosahedron, and the dodecahedron.

The tetrahedron was fire. The cube was the earth. The octahedron was
air. And the icosahedron was water. And the dodecahedron was prana, or

The icosahedron and the dodecahedron are linked together. You can't talk
about one without the other. They are what are called in mathematics the
duals of each other. You can create one from the other.

The icosahedron, being water, was the aspect that this earth was missing
since the time of Atlantis. So, the Great White Brotherhood, for the
last 13,000 years, and everything that these [decided two orders (???)]
have been doing has been around bringing back of the consciousness of
water and prana together. Consciousness of water. It really is that
simple. That is all that they've been doing. (Ed: The word "White" in
this case has nothing to do with race; rather it stands for that aspect
of being that includes all colors within it and, additionally, for

If we look at the DNA that which encodes our information, it is made up
of only the icosahedron and the dodecahedron. That's all it is. It is
water and prana put together.

The Christ grid that is around the earth, that we are all familiar [with
(???)], that the Great White Brotherhood has been working on for 13,000
years, so that we can move into the next consciousness, is made up of an
icosahedron and a dodecahedron: water and prana.

(long pause)

There is so much around this; there is no way I'd be able to do this in
an hour. I can only just give you a little bit. I can't really give you
everything here right now, but I will really do my best.

All I can say is that there is something very very very special about
water; especially water of a certain kind of nature that will change
this world.

Structured vs. Unstructured Water

I will talk now about research that was done in the past around water so
you can begin to get a framework to begin to discuss what's now
happening in the world.

In the University of Georgia, I don't know how long ago it was, it was
in the early 1990s, they discovered that every cell in your body that is
diseased, or that is harmed in one way or another is surrounded by
something called unstructured water. Always, whatever the disease is,
it's always surrounded by this unstructured water.

They discovered that ever healthy cell, no matter which cell it is, is
always surrounded by structured water.

So, what is the difference? It is extremely simple. The only difference
is in the number of electrons that are in the outer orbits. That is it!

That unstructured water is missing these outer electrons. And it causes
disease. And water that has these outer electrons and their shells are
completed, is healthy.

Water flowing through rivers and lakes in natural situations that are
not polluted; that water is structured.

However, water that goes through a pipe, which almost all of our water
that goes into our bodies does, is unstructured. It only takes just a
few feet of moving through a pipe under pressure and the water can't
rotate the way that it wants to. Instead, it is forced to move in
concentric rings. And these concentric rings, rip off the outer
electrons and form unstructured water.

We are kind of doing what they did in Rome a long time ago... like
eating off of lead plates. We are drinking out of high-pressured water
pipes that produces disease.

There have been many people since this time, when they discovered this,
when they realized, "Oh my God, we are drinking water that is killing
us, what will we do about it?" Then, many many researchers that began to
look for ways to quickly restructure the water.

One of these was [Walter Von Gardner (???)]. He is a genius in water and
probably knows more about it than anybody in the world. He used to be
the head of the Walter Russell School for a long time. And he created
this sort of an egg shaped glass container that if you put in water in
there and certain minerals, colloidal minerals, and stir it in a certain
kind of way, that this water became structured and became super alive.

If you took a Kirilian photograph of the glass of water before and
after. The water, before it used to literally kind of glow of white
light around it. But, afterwards, here was a ball of white light about
this big around the glass of water. You couldn't even see the glass it
was so bright.

And people were beginning to understand the difference between
structured and unstructured water. After finding, they began to do
research into microclusters and different kinds of water. He found that
if you put magnets in a hexagonal shape, and ran water through it, it
instantaneously structured the water.

And so they started doing research in things like swimming pools and hot
tubs. Where you could run water going through these pools, the water
would not grow bacteria, because it kept it alive.

However, the research we did on this when we looked at it, and was able
to put it up onto our computer screens to see, like water that was
structured in this way. We discovered that it didn't even look like
water. It looked like acid. And we began to ask, are we doing more
harm than good? Cause, we were like babies, trying to understand
something that we just barely knew. And then, a group of people decided
to make the water move in rotational patterns in the way it wants to,
which was one of the primary keys to make a water alive again.

And they found that there were 12 metals. That if you made these 12
metals in a certain way, and the water could move around them, that the
water became super alive immediately, without any of this fancy stuff
that [Walter Von Gardner (???)] was doing.

There was some a research done in California in an orange grove which
was astounding! They took an orange grove that... they picked this grove
because it had consistently given the same yield every year for ten
years in a row. It gave two yields every year and the number of oranges
was almost exactly the same.

So they went there and changed these little nozzles, and they put them
to feed each of the trees. That was the only change they made. And,
immediately, instantaneously, it went from two yields to five yields.
And those yields were 20% higher than before. All they did was sending
living water into the trees.

Many people have been doing research around this. I cannot bring up all
of them... everything they have said and they've done. But, it's been
real clear to people who are involved in water that there is something
that we have forgotten, or something that we have done, that has changed
things, about that idea of what water is.

In 1996, I was approached by two people, one named Bob Dratch and Slim
Spurling who had created a.... had taken the water from a rain cloud,
right before it was going to dump water, before it was going to rain...
and had taken that through something called a molecular emission
scanner, put it through a special set of software, and into a computer,
and then reprogrammed that, that microwave emissions into a sound which
you could hear. That sound was then transmitted by an antenna, a coil
that Slim made called a Harmonizer which would projected out in the
atmosphere for about 35 miles around.

They did this in Denver, through the year of 1995. It actually began in
1994 and they quit in 1996. For the one single year of 1995 in Denver,
they had this running, they were just simply projecting out the energy
of a rain cloud. Denver became the cleanest it was in the history of
their recording... ever, for one year. The moment they quit, in 1996, it
became polluted again.

They asked me to begin to do research in this also. In June of 1996, in
Phoenix Arizona, we began to do a similar test using something called
the R-2, which is certain little coils combined in a way, that act as an
antenna to put out whatever waveform or vibration we wished.

At that time, Phoenix was in the most polluted state it had ever
been in its recorded history. They were going into a "serious" rating,
and the government itself was freaked out, because they didn't know what
to do. They wouldn't allow us to do the research let us say, legally,
so we had to use certain laws for us to do this work without their
welcome, and we did it anyway.

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