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Subject: LANDSCOPE: USDA and DOI Release Draft Of Unified Federal  Watershed Policy  

LANDSCOPE, News and Views from American Lands - June 29, 1999

USDA and DOI Release Draft Of Unified Federal Watershed Policy  

The U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Interior released a draft of a
Unified Federal Policy for Ensuring a Watershed Approach to Federal Land and
Resource and Management.  The two primary goals of the Policy are to use a
watershed approach to prevent and reduce water pollution resulting from
federal land and resource management activities and to accomplish this in a
unified and cost effective manner.  The working draft is available to the
public on the home page of the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service home page  A copy can also be obtained by calling
the Forest Service at 406/329-3388.  

. . . Later this summer the Administration plans to publish this proposal in
the Federal Register for public comment and to hold public meetings in
Sacramento, Portland, Denver, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Washington,
DC.  This is an important opportunity for forest activists to ensure that
protecting water quality and watershed restoration will be priorities in the
new policy.  For further information contact Ami Grace with the Clean Water
Network at 202/289-2421, cleanwaternt at

Executive Order on Biomass?  The White House Office of Science and
Technology and the Department of Energy are nearing completion of a new
Executive Order to promote biomass and biobased products.  This could be a
positive step for the environment by developing renewable energy sources and
environmentally sound materials.  However, the proposed Order uses forests
to provide the feed stock for these materials and energy supplies.
Overcutting forests on both public and private lands and the proliferation
of chip mills suggest that new tax incentives to log forests for biobased
products are untimely.  Please contact David Gardener, Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA), at 202/260- 4332 and let him know you are opposed
to the forest provisions in the Bioenergy Executive Order.  Provide him
information about unsustainable logging on both private and public lands in
your region, particulary the environmental problems related to chip mills.

World-Wide Campaign Launched to Combat WTO Assault on Forests:  A global
campaign  to derail World Trade Organization (WTO) plans to write trade
agreements that will threaten the world's forests was announced yesterday,
said a release from the International Forum on Globalization, Pacific
Environment & Resources Center and American Lands.  "Measures to expedite
trade in forest products will increase consumption without concurrently
implementing conservation measures," said a joint statement from the groups.
"Our forests don't need more logging," said Jim Jontz of American Lands. "In
fact, they need stronger protection."

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