Loggers Killed in Slide

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Wed Mar 3 05:53:20 EST 1999

Larry Caldwell wrote:
> In article <36DAC9A1.A35DB354 at michweb.net>, dvank at michweb.net writes:
> > What about the inner city 7-11 store clerk (or gas station / minimart, circle
> > Ks et al)?  Have they improved upon the quality of bullet proof glass?
> > Oh, they probably can't afford life insurance, anyway.  At least those
> > garbage collectors are rich.
> So what is the death rate per 100,000 for convenience store clerks?  I
> have never seen any stats to base a judgement on.  I tend to think it is
> not that dangerous, since it makes the front page every time one gets
> murdered.  The exceptional thing about the loggers getting killed in the
> slide is not that they got killed, it's that the big city media paid any
> attention.  The most a dead logger usually gets is an obit in the back
> pages of some small town newspaper.
> -- Larry

The difference of course being that one death was an act of nature and
the other was murder.

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