Loggers Killed in Slide

John Burt john at callerfence.demon.co.uk
Thu Mar 4 14:36:39 EST 1999

In article <7bbv18$f8q$1 at news.snowcrest.net>, HULTGREN
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>Percent slope is simply the accepted unit of measure; it's the tangent,
>trigonometrically speaking (rise/run).
>I don't think it's a propoganda conspiracy by the timber industry. Was
>logging on 110% ground risky? I think so, but this is a risky profession,
>and unfortunately their number came up.

I don't think the attitude that comes across with this message is
particularly helpful to the question of safety, and also the question of
PR that is running through other threads in this group.
I'm pretty unaware of Health and Safety legislation in the States, but
here in the UK things are pretty strict, and rightly so.
Any hint of an identifiable risk would be picked up in risk assessment
procedures if carried out properly, and, from reading the details on
condition prevailing at the time, I doubt whether work would have
continued over here.
Certainly, forestry is a risky profession. That is why we have hard
hats, Kevlar, and a multitude of safety features built in to saws.
Ultimately, though, the decision should be taken as to whether other
risks make working too dangerous, and economic forces should not
override these decisions. 
Loggers have families too. I doubt they would be consoled if faced with
the explanation *I guess his number came up.*
Apologies if I've taken this out of context, but I'm only replying to
what appeared to be said.

John Burt

john at callerfence.demon.co.uk

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