Biodiversity Inventory Publications Sought

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sat Mar 6 09:19:20 EST 1999

Don Staples wrote:
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> > Joe Zorzin, Practicing Forester
> >
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> > Some cartoons from 5 years ago
> >
> Hmmm, noticed you started practicing again, been to a bunch of training,
> have you, to allow you to do the practicing of our art and science?  You
> reckon we will ever get it right and be able to quit practicing?  Nah,
> to many politicals with to much to  teach, we'll practice to the end of
> our days.

Yuh, if I keep practicing another 20 years, maybe our burro-ocracies
will consider me ready for a REAL forester's license. <G>

Then I won't have to have 21 year old baby foresters following me around
looking over my shoulder.

BTW, notice how baby like people look at that age, now that you've
become a "silver back"? <G>

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