Fwd: 1998 was Warmest Year of Millenium

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> Don Staples wrote:
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> > Interesting article on Discovery Channel, I think this past week end,
> > about ice cores from the Artic being studied for reference to warming,
> > on a global basis.  The jist of it was that there has been global
> > warming for the past 30,000 years, part of an interglaciation period.
> > They then went into sudden changes in weather can lead to climatic
> > change.  At least one scenario has it that a warming trend in weather
> > can lead to a cooling snap in climate.  Tentative data indicated that
> > the change could come in a matter of decades, or less, and quickly
> > change the climate on a global basis.
> >
> > Not quite a puff piece on the tv, but making some points that perhaps
> > the global warming is more of a cycle, and less of a catastrophy.
> > Unless your human and want to worry about what cannot be changed.
> > --
> Yes, even environmentalists know that there are many cycles in the
> weather at many levels of time resolution. So, just because the climate
> may warm on it's own justifies our screwing with the environment,
> willy-nilly and irresponsibly? It is a fact that CO2 is a contributor to
> global warming and that we are pumping it into the air everyday. What we
> don't know is just how bad this situation will get due to human causes.
> No, we aren't going to stop modern civilization over this issue, but
> nobody has said we should. The reformers are just trying to slow down
> the increase of CO2 until the issue is better understood.
There is, of course, a method to decrease the amount of CO2 in the air. Plant
more fast-growing trees!

And then vary the types and the products obtained from trees to ensure their
long-term survival.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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