UK Forestry and US Forestry Private vrs. Government

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Mar 7 13:19:19 EST 1999

> Where I work, the area was high-graded 15 years ago and left a lot of trash in
> the woods.  That high-grading by mills has left landowners with a lot of
> distrust in foresters in general.  Now as a state government forester, I am
> trying to improve the overall condition of the forest while fighting through
> these bad impressions.  I do not think a private consultant would be able to
> survive in this particular area.

Well.... wait a second... who did all that high grading? Independent
loggers? Industrial foresters? Consultants?

Consultants would be in the business of stopping this kind of stuff if
the states gave a REAL license to them, then said that only a Licensed
Forester could manage timber sales.

It's too bad that landowners confuse loggers and industrial foresters
and consultants.

So, thanks to the glorious freedom of landowner rights and resistance to
REAL foresters, there goes another country RAPED, and probably will
continue to get raped since now the landowners won't hire consultants or
do any further cutting.

Another lost battle for a profession unwilling to fight for it's own
true cause.
Joe Zorzin, Practicing Forester
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