Loggers Killed in Slide

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Sun Mar 7 13:14:25 EST 1999

BACKCUT wrote:
> Falling timber is dangerous---PERIOD!!!  Add in all of the variables and the
> danger increases,  dramatically.  Some of the variables include wind, snow,
> rain, untrained Earth-Firsters, steepness, etc...
> Falling timber, on steep ground, is best if everything can be put "up the
> hill".  Most High-Lead jobs are felled sidehill, though.  The Faller NEVER,
> NEVER, NEVER departs the falling tree in exactly opposite the direction .
> Working steep ground is part of the job.  Working flat ground is considered a
> vacation, with some sweat thrown in.
> When you see someone wearing suspenders, with a pad on the shoulder, show some
> respect!
> Carl Smith

I have far more respect for the loggers than any forestry agency on the
planet. And when I talk to loggers I feel I'm talking to real people
connected to reality. When I talk to burros, I often feel as if i'm
talking to someone with a serious psychosis. <G>

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