"Forest Protection" and sex

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Sat Mar 6 17:36:01 EST 1999

Larry Caldwell wrote:

> In article <36DFD4A2.63ADF60E at forestmeister.com>,
> redoak at forestmeister.com writes:
> > This continued allowing of high grading continues for three major
> > reasons.
> > 1. our forest bureaucracies haven't the courage to fight to stop it,
> > since they don't want to challenge the very powerful logging industry,
> > and whose paychecks are not correlated with the true vitality of the
> > forests
> > 2. our politicians who BEAR FULL RESPONSIBILITY have neither the
> > understanding of this issue nor the desire to rock any boats, since
> > their primary goal is their self serving yuppie careers- so they pursue
> > instead issues that get public attention, like punishing welfare
> > recipients, the weakest members of our society
> > 3. environmentalists are too focused on saving the virginity of nature
> > than saving the vitality of nature once the virginity is gone
> 4.  Importing over 50% of the US wood fiber budget keeps the price of
> timber artificially depressed.  For this reason, good resource management
> techniques are not seen as profitable, so they are neglected.
> We only have one more generation to go and then the world's forest
> resources will be gone.  When there are no more forests to mine, the USA
> will have to raise them instead.

Only one more generation!  Excellent.  I only hope it won't take our (USA's)
government f' ups a few more generations to do anything TRULY constructive
about it.  More likely, "the people" will finally realize the urgency and
take it upon themselves to do something about it.  Some *just might* be doing
it already.


> -- Larry

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