Cedar Swamps (was U.K. forestry ...)

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Mon Mar 8 17:55:31 EST 1999

As you walk on mat of roots floating on a 'lake' all of sudden a 2 ft. wide rush of water
surfaces into a small creek.  20 yards later it all just gushes back into the earth and it
appears that you now stand where once you were.  Blow-downs are abundant and it is
impossible to walk without snapping branches at 20 dB.  Maximum visibility is 20 yards --
and that is with perfectly clear skys.

Just before scouting my favorite swamp area with a citified friend of mine, he advised me
that with "triangulation" and a topo map, he could figure out nearly exactly where we were
at any given location.  "Triangulation?" I questioned.  "Yeah", he said.  "You just pick out
a couple of high points in the vicinity and guestimate the angles -- there ya go; you locate
yourself on the topo".  I proceded to walk him towards my hunting spot (not even 100 yards
into the swamp) stopped and asked him to demonstrate triangulation to me.  "Well, errrrr,
uhhhh . . .".

The ONE time I got *totally* turned around in this particular swamp (I have been *somewhat*
turned around on occasion) I decided to take a compass reading and just head North -- I knew
it would eventually get me out even though it may be a 1/4 mile or more longer of a
journey.  Eventually I ended up seeing boardwalk pathways and makeshift blinds out of
toiletry equipment.  Sure enough, I walked up to somebody's hunting spot on private
property.  The hunter greeted me and I apologized for disturbing his hunt, but he admitted
that he would have been back into camp hours ago had he not heard *something* slowly
meandering toward his site (even though lost, I felt better at least pretending that I was
still-hunting toward some unsusspecting deer).  He laughed immensly and scratched his head,
"This is the FIRST time that anybody has trespassed on our property coming from THAT
direction"!  Their property was vigilantly posted on THREE sides.

Wow, I can almost smell the memories!


Mushrat wrote:

> DVK wrote:
> >  Further to the east, I've enjoyed elk country -- Rattlesnake Hill
> > area and the big Green Swamp.  Back in highschool (before the elk hunting season
> > opened up) friends and I used to walk right up to herds of elk.  We just hunched over
> > as if eating and mosied on over. I'm not sure if they are as tolerant now-a-days.
> > Anybody?
> Ya, I walked right up on a herd approx. 3 years ago in the Alanta area. Like you, I also
> got tired of the orange army, and begun huntung in the U.P. And my favorite places are
> cedar swamps!--
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