Cremation: the Hygenic way

Chris Hedemark hedemark at
Tue Mar 9 14:52:11 EST 1999

Donald L. Libby wrote:

> But what about (a) air pollution

Don't complain about air pollution until we can turn legislation around
and nail the people really responsible.  While CARB and the EPA are
practically demanding emissions-free automobiles, industrial air
pollution goes relatively unchecked.  And how about that thick black
belching smoke from almost any truck?  My 1987 Ford F250 pickup truck
can legally drive around with no catalytic converter, no smog pump, or
any emissions test whatsoever because of the GCVW rating.  But an F150
would be submitted to stringent testing.  Consumers are watched heavily,
while industrial tycoons go on belching forth pollutants LEGALLY.


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