Cremation: the Hygenic way

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>> > Thinking about it, humans are the only animal, that in the civilised (?)
>> > world, don't recycle/compost their exceretia, (Oh, sh*t, I can't spell
>> > that word), or thier dead bodies.
>> What about the sewage sludge that the Water Authorities in the UK are only
>> too happy for you to take to spread on your fields?  Or have I missed
>> something in your question?
>    In the US and I suppose UK too that's just the insoluble part - the really
>soluble good stuff is just put in the rivers and sent on its merry way to the

The complaint from environmentalists in UK is that there are a lot of
heavy metals left in sewage sludge, so it is a no-no for the like of
organic farms, who might otherwise like the idea.

For the record, the Center for Alternative Technology in Wales recomends
composting domestic toilets, and suggests that the stuff should be left
composting for two years to get rid of any dangerous human bugs.
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