Cremation: the Hygenic way

sarah swroot at
Wed Mar 10 16:25:27 EST 1999

Chris Hedemark <hedemark at> wrote:
> Big deal.  I'm convinced that burying does far more to hurt the
> environment.  Earth is for the living.  Cemetaries and country clubs are
> the two largest wastes of land in our world today.  Worse yet, we bury
> people horizontally to maximize waste of surface area (at least some
> people have the good sense to stack coffins two high, which is at least
> somewhat more efficient than the norm).

I'd have to refer back to an historian friend of mine for the details,
but ISTR he calculated that his village churchyard (established c. 1100,
like the church) probably contains the remains of some 20,000 people.
Apparently bones show up each time a new grave is excavated, but they
are simply (politely? reverentially?) reinterred in the grave with the
new arrival.

Seems efficient enough to me, provided it's well above the water table.
No wonder the yew trees thrive.


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