Cremation: the Hygenic way

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Wed Mar 10 15:44:29 EST 1999

Chris Hedemark wrote:

> Harold Lindaberry wrote:
> > > Only if you are a Yank and go for the formaldehyde route.
> >
> >     There's no other way - the law you know.
> Not true.  The first big thing you need to understand here is that the
> Internet doesn't only exist in your backyard.


> Now that we've gotten
> through with that, I'll proceed with an example.  A loved one was buried
> (in the U.S.) in 1994.  We were given the option of whether to pickle
> her or not.

    Do you live in PA ? That was the option I was given as the law when I
had a viewing and a cremation for my mother.

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> Since she asked for a closed casket service we didn't see
> any value in pickling her and put her into the earth as-is without
> having the funeral home go through special preparation.
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