Environmentalists Call for Fair Grazing Fees

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Subject: Environmentalists Call for Fair Grazing Fees

LANDSCOPE, News and Views from American Lands - March 11, 1999

                Environmentalists Call for Fair Grazing Fees

	The Interior Department and Department of Agriculture announced that the
minimum grazing fee of $1.35 per animal unit would remain in effect this
year, for the fourth year in a row.  In response, Forest Guardians has
demanded that the fees at least be adjusted for inflation, which would set
them slightly over $5.   However, even if adjusted for inflation, the fees
would still be drastically lower than fees on private lands, which run
around $11 per animal unit.  Forest Guardians is proposing that all the
money from increased fees, about $75 million per year, be spent on a program
to retire grazing permits and restore the degraded public lands.  

. . . "It's cheaper to graze cattle on public lands than it is to feed your
pet hamster," said John Horning of Forest Guardians.  The tradition of
subsidized grazing on public land has led to severe environmental
degradation.  Forest Guardians' proposal represents a way to make up for
some of the real costs of grazing and to remove cattle from sensitive areas
and overgrazed lands.  For more information, please contact Mark Salvo,
American Lands Grasslands Advocate, mark at vettergroup.com, 503/647-2825.

No Right to Graze Cattle: The 10th U.S. Circuit Court ruled in favor of the
USFS on 2-23-99 in a lawsuit brought by a rancher in New Mexico after the
USFS ordered him to cut his herd.  The judge stated that the ranchers "do
not now and never have held a vested property right to graze cattle on
federal public lands."  

Suit Filed to Protect Northern Goshawk: The Southwest Center for Biological
Diversity (SWCBD) and a coalition of other environmental groups filed a
lawsuit in Federal Court on 2-25-99 to get the Northern goshawk listed as an
endangered species in every Western state.   Please contact Secretary of
Interior Bruce Babbitt at 202/208-7351 or fax 208-6956 and urge him to
support listing the goshawk.  For more information, visit the SWCBD website:
www.sw-center.org, or call 520/623- 5252.

Rough and Ready Activist Kit: The Siskiyou Project has put together a news
publication package for people looking to raise awareness about Rough and
Ready Creek in the Siskiyou.  The package includes a video, posters. letter
writing materials, and their publication.  For more information, or to
receive the package of material, call Linda Serrano of the Siskiyou Project
at 541/592-4459, or mailto:linda at siskiyou.org

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