Cremation: the Hygenic way

Ulf Bengtsson ulfbe at
Fri Mar 12 00:26:03 EST 1999

Dental amalgams (“silver fillings”) contain 50% of mercury by weight. Half of your “silver
fillings” are pure mercury.

Mills calculated with an average of five fillings per subject or 3 grams of mercury. The
crematorium used in the calculations performed an average of 3723 cremations per year over
the last five years. Mills calculated an emission of 11 kilograms of mercury per year from
this crematorium alone.

Künzler P et al performed measurements in two crematoria in Switzerland. They say in their
letter that their findings are in good agreement with calculations performed by Mills. They
found no correlation between mercury emission and body weight, model of coffin, medical
history, age or sex. They concluded that the mercury emissions are probably due to amalgam

As a consequence of these and other findings crematoria in Sweden have been/are being
fitted with filters.

Ulf B

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