Cremation: the Hygenic way

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Ulf Bengtsson wrote:

> Dental amalgams (“silver fillings”) contain 50% of mercury by weight. Half of your “silver
> fillings” are pure mercury.
> Mills calculated with an average of five fillings per subject or 3 grams of mercury. The
> crematorium used in the calculations performed an average of 3723 cremations per year over
> the last five years. Mills calculated an emission of 11 kilograms of mercury per year from
> this crematorium alone.
> Künzler P et al performed measurements in two crematoria in Switzerland. They say in their
> letter that their findings are in good agreement with calculations performed by Mills. They
> found no correlation between mercury emission and body weight, model of coffin, medical
> history, age or sex. They concluded that the mercury emissions are probably due to amalgam
> fillings.
> As a consequence of these and other findings crematoria in Sweden have been/are being
> fitted with filters.

    Thanks about the composition and information, I'm still not clear about whether this 11 kg
is emissions from the stack or total including stack deposits- a more significant number might
be average mercury levels down wind vs. distance from the stack not that IMO it represents a
real potential health hazard - if it is of real health concern they are interested in - did
they check on benz a pyrene from the burning fat or dioxin.? What is the value of the 11 kg of
mercury and the 11 kg of silver maybe it could be a money making recycling process - but I
suspect it might be simpler to just pull the teeth prior to incineration whether it is looked
at as a health hazard or a recycling process either way it would save a lot of money I'm sure
the cadaver wouldn't voice an objection.. That might make a more logical law but then again who
says laws need to be logical.

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