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>The following article appeared in The Oregonian, March 11, 1999, p A1
>The Listing: A federal Agency is expected to protect nine populations in
>The Impact: The listing is likely to affect building, farming, and many
>By JONATHAN BRINCKMAN of The Oregonian staff
> The federal government is expected to declare Tuesday that nine fish
>populations -- including Willamette River chinook, Willamette River
>and Puget Sound chinook -- are threatened under the Endangered Species Act,
>The Oregonian has learned. The planned action by the National Marine
>Fisheries Service will bring new federal rules and possibly sanctions to
>farmers, urban residents and businesses in an enormous section of the
>Northwest, including the Willamette Valley and the Portland and Seattle

Too bad. Now the $30 million that would've been spent on restoration (in the
Private/State aggreement), will be spent on lawyers.
But that's what the "environmentalists" wanted (the listing, NOT the

(big snip)

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