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>says Hurwitz can't be trusted:
>March 6, 1999, Saturday                         [Image]
>          National Desk

>          Finally, state officials called a halt. In November,
>          Pacific Lumber became the first logging company in
>          California history to have its timber license
>          suspended.

This is false and can be verified with State Board of Forestry.
LTO's are suspended every year for some pattern of voilations.
Palco made mistakes, no doubt about it.
But put things in perspective: Would you get a clean bill of health if you went through a detailed IRS prcotological exam?
>          So environmental groups and others who have kept close
>          watch on Pacific Lumber for nearly 15 years do not

Palco wasn't even taken over until 1986 (when Murphy family sold out), and didn't start accelerated cutting until '88. 
That's 13 or 10 years, depending on your reference point.

>          believe the company can live up to an agreement it
>          signed on Monday when it sold California and the
>          Federal Government 10,000 acres of ancient redwood
>          groves 250 miles north of here for $480 million.
>          While the deal insures that the irreplaceable groves of
>          old redwoods in the Headwaters forest will be
>          preserved, critics worry about another part of the
>          deal, a 50-year conservation plan to protect endangered
>          species. That plan will govern how and where Pacific
>          Lumber cuts trees on the rest of its 211,000 acres.

FACT: All HCP's are more restrictive than any single ESA regulation. The HCP only provides "no surprises".

>          Many people are watching Pacific Lumber these days. In
>          Eureka, Calif., a law clinic has devoted itself to
>          filing claims against the company. (snip). 

They make a tidy living in "legal fees", too!

>          The Environmental Protection Information Center, based in
>          Garberville, on the southern edge of Pacific Lumber's
>          base in Humboldt County, said it planned to step up its
>          already vigilant watch over the company. So does the
>          Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters.
>          Part of the concern over the habitat conservation plan
>          is that it grants what are called ''incidental take''
>          permits. Those permits absolve a company from blame if
>          it ''incidentally'' destroys the habitat of endangered

"Take" is defined as kill, hunt, harm, harass, pursue, or attempt to do any of these.
It doesn't mean take-as-in-destroy; it's meaning is much broader.

>          But they are also concerned that Pacific Lumber will
>          rush to harvest in areas that will probably be declared
>          off-limits in the habitat conservation plan within five
>          years, when watershed analyses are completed. ''You
>          just know they're going to run out and start cutting
>          trees,'' said Kevin Bundy, a spokesman for the
>          Environmental Protection Information Center, which may
>          sue over the habitat conservation plan.

Well, no shit! Just like that, you reduce their resource base at they must cut sooner (or out of their SYP sequence) to maintain the mills that have been operating in that area for the past 80 years. 
I wouldn't run my lands exactly like Palco, but it's their right, to the extent that 'public resources' are not significantly harmed.


And while we're on the subject, 
In my response to your post about the Freshwater-Palco controversy I stated where I (have) lived and what my qualifications were for making the remarks I did. You NEVER come on...the first thing we learn in public speaking at good ol' Stumboldt University is to inform the listener (reader) of our qualifications. That helps them assess our (ready for this?) C-R-E-D-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y!!!!

Now I won't lose sleep about what you think of my credibility, but let's be up-front about this:
Where abouts to you reside? What's your occupation? And what are your qualifications for commenting on the botanical (forestry), biological (HCP) and economic (valuation) facets of the Palco issue?

....I'm waiting.
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