Environmentalists Call for Fair Grazing Fees

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> >Too bad. Did you worry so much as millions of workers lost their jobs
> >when America's heavy industry shut down? Are those ranchers better
> >people than those auto and steel workers?
> So are saying "sack all the ranchers and loggers, too"?

On public land? Sack the cattle in the forests, but not on RANGE land.
Logging? Of course not. I'm a good red blooded American forester and
LOVE logging. <G> I even tolerate hunting because I know all the
propaganda, even though personally I have a revulsion to guns as any
other form of violence against critters that have nerves and suffer
pain. As far as I know trees don't feel pain when you cut them down. If
they did, I'd give up forestry and move to a monastery. <G> And yes, I'm
a vegetarian.

> >Absentee landowners? Sounds like most of the forest owners around here.
> >But that doesn't give me the right to exploit their land without their
> >permission. I don't have the political power of those ranchers. And when
> >I push for Licensed Foresters managing all the timber sales around here,
> >I'm constantly reminded that I can't have it that way because of
> >"landowner rights". Well, I'm a part owner of the National Forests too.
> >And if I and tens of millions of other America's citizens want to reduce
> >grazing on national land, then too bad for the ranchers. The history of
> >ranching on public land is not a good one.
> So do we jail all the southerners because the history of slavery was not a
> good one?

Hmmmm.... Only those who still treat black people as if they should
still be slaves; which is the way southern culture continued to be until
the civil rights movement of the '60s, which was opposed by the vast
majority of Americans; causing those civil rights workers to break the
bogus laws in the south against protesting; and those civil rights
workers were beaten down by Nazi like local and state police; and thems
the fact.

> Much of what you say is no longer true. You'd know if you got around out
> here.

I saw cows in the forest in the Big Horns and I didn't like it. I vote
against it. I'd rather see mountain lions, wolves, moose than dumb ugly

> >It may be time to end it,
> >except for the excessive political power they hold because their state's
> >Senators have so much power on those select committees.
> >
> >And of course, you're a landowner in Oregon. What if I said that I
> >insist on ranching YOUR land? And that my ranching would be good for the
> >local economy. I'm sure you'd be standing at your gate with a shotgun if
> >I brought my sheep over to eat up your property.
> Delightful logic, faulty premise. The don't EAT UP the property. If you got
> around out here, you'd know. You can't believe all the pablum in Rachel,
> Mother Jones, NRDC, WWF, EDF, AS, SS, GP or other green-weenie media
> machines crank out!

Good, put the cattle on YOUR land, not the public's land.

Joe Zorzin, Practicing Forester
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