Environmentalists Call for Fair Grazing Fees

Christopher Erickson chrerick at email.msn.com
Wed Mar 17 07:54:34 EST 1999

Larry Caldwell wrote in message ...
>In article <36ECE72B.165E9FCD at forestmeister.com>,
>redoak at forestmeister.com writes:
>> And of course, you're a landowner in Oregon. What if I said that I
>> insist on ranching YOUR land? And that my ranching would be good for the
>> local economy. I'm sure you'd be standing at your gate with a shotgun if
>> I brought my sheep over to eat up your property.
>That's your opinion, not your decision.  I own federal lands just as much
>as you do.
And that is the problem -- the tradegy of the commons. We should privatize
land which is to be used for commerical purposes.

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