Environmentalists Call for Fair Grazing Fees

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Wed Mar 17 05:58:06 EST 1999

Larry Caldwell wrote:

> That's why we have a Senate, bub.  Your populist House of Representatives
> has a leash from sparsely populated states.  It is one of the things that
> protects the republic from the tyrrany of the majority.

Yuh, the majority- it's called DEMOCRACY. The well established never did
like that radical concept.

> And of course, the supposed abuses seem to magically disappear when
> somebody actually goes to look at the situation.  We had the House
> Agriculture Committee convene in Bend last session, and the good reps
> from Massachewsetts got to go out and kick the sod.  They went home with
> a different attitude.
> > And of course, you're a landowner in Oregon. What if I said that I
> > insist on ranching YOUR land? And that my ranching would be good for the
> > local economy. I'm sure you'd be standing at your gate with a shotgun if
> > I brought my sheep over to eat up your property.
> That's your opinion, not your decision.  I own federal lands just as much
> as you do.  I can tell you don't like the political process, but that's
> life, bub.  Try living in a region where 2/3 of the land and resources
> are owned by the feds sometime.  Your attitude might change.

Irrelevant. The amount of PRIVATE land per capita is FAR greater than in
heavily populated states.

My attitude might change? I'd LOVE to live in a state mostly owned by
the public- large forests and parks and wilderness areas. What you
western right wingers REALLY mean in such states is that you GREATLY

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