Environmentalists Call for Fair Grazing Fees

Michael Hagen mhagen at olympus.net
Thu Mar 18 13:51:03 EST 1999

So you don't believe in the TOC syndrome?  Is the earth flat near you or
what?  The only things saving the bulk of BLM (Bureau of Livestock &
Mining) lands are immensity and isolation.  

"Thomas W. Kellar" wrote:
> > > And that is the problem -- the tradegy of the commons. We should privatize
> > > land which is to be used for commerical purposes.
> > No argument from here.  It's hard to justify the huge land holdings of
> > the federal government.  They could easily get by on 10% of their current
> > holdings, limited to recreation and parks.  I think they ought to close
> > out the BLM completely by selling off all BLM holdings.
> > It's not going to happen, though.
> > -- Larry
> And thank God that is not going to occur.  That is My land
> you are talking about. "tradegy [sic] of the commons"
> is pure boloney.  If in private hands, you would see land raped
> and destroyed faster than you can say "strip mine" or
> "clear cut".   I am a tax payer don't forget. It is
> MY land.
> Thomas

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