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Sacramento-San Joaquin King returns are plugging-up the rivers (okay, that
may be mild hyperbole). Trollers had a great year. Oh, but I'll bet THOSE
were 'hachery' fish! The Klamath had another bumper year; okay, I know a lot
of those had the poor taste to return to the hachery, but according to
fishery biologists, about 5% of the returns make wrong turns, that is
migrate to a stream other than the one they originated from. A big problem
is poor census techniques. (i.e. your highest probablity of finding
something is WHERE you look for it. The variations from these census
extrapolations, don't pass the 25 MPH test)

I hope they ban ALL fishing: Commercial, Sport, and Recreational. You can't
control what bites the bait.
We can debate what levels of turbidity are endemic, and what are hazardous,
but when you hook a fish, there's no doubt that's a "take". Shucks, at least
20% of all shakers die. How many 'released' fish are killed by those
RobertRedford-esque fly fisherman?
Oh yes, and what about those cute little (2000#) Stellar Sea Lions?


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>The following article ran in The Oregonian, March 17, 1999, p A1
>Protected salmon, steelhead
> The National Marine Fisheries Service on Tuesday listed nine salmon
>and steelhead populations in Oregon and Washington for protection under the
>federal Endangered Species Act. The agency deferred decisions on four other
>1. Ozette Lake Sockeye: threatened
>2. Hood Canal summer run Chum: threatened
>3. Columbia River Chum: threatened
>4. Upper Willamette Steelhead: threatened
>5. Mid-Columbia Steelhead: threatened
>6. Puget Sound Chinook: threatened
>7. Lower Columbia Chinook: threatened
>8. Upper Willamette Chinook: threatened
>9. Uupper Columbia spring Chinook: endangered
>10. Snake River fall Chinook: deferred
>11. Southern Oregon and California coastal Chinook: deferred
>12. Central valley spring Chinook: deferred
>13. Central valley fall Chinook: deferred
>Willamette wild spring chinook returns
> Returns of Willamette River spring chinook, fabled among Oregon anglers,
>dropped to only a few thousand wild fish in recent years, down from as many
>70,000 in the 1950s.
>Other listed species in Oregon
>Animal Year   Listed
>Borax Lake chub   1980
>Oregon chub   1993
>Columbian white-tailed deer   1967
>American peregrine falcon   1970
>Brown pelican    1970
>Lost River sucker   1988
>Sea-run cutthroat   1996
>Shortnose sucker   1997
>Threatened animals
>Oregon silverspot butterfly   1980
>Hutton tui chub   1985
>Foskett speckled dace   1985
>Bald eagle   1995
>Aleutian Canada goose   1967
>Coho salmon   1997
>Marbled murrelet   1992
>Northern spotted owl   1990
>Western snowy plover   1993
>Warner sucker   1985
>Bull trout   1998
>Lahontan cutthroat trout   1970
>Vernal pool fairy shrimp   1994
>Steelhead   1998
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