Bomb at Forest Guardians (Fwd)

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>Subject: Re: Bomb at Forest Guardians (Fwd)
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>Date: 3/22/99 8:53 AM Eastern Standard Time
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>> As the world turns.  This is hot off talk.environment.  So who are Forest
>> Guardians and who's so PO'd at them to do this?  KMD
>Just politics western style.  I doubt whoever set the pipe bomb actually 
>wanted to kill anybody, just scare 'em a little.  After all, it didn't go 
>off, did it?
>If you think timber is a hot topic, just try cutting into somebody's 
>water rights out west.  
>-- Larry

Well now, los federales seemed to think the bomb was dangerous enough. Would
you be so casual if ya' found it in yur' mailbox?

Forest Guardians are the ones trying to shutdown logging in Carson Natl. Forest
and their leadership made the dumb mistake long ago of pissin' off the old
chicano families who have taken firewood out of their since before Uncle Sam
was a glimmer in King George's eye. However, some of the players out there want
to partake in a bit of industrial logging that would trash some important
In any case, back in '95 some of the Forest Guardian leadership was burned in
effigy on the Sante Fe town common. They have their share of enemies, some
deserved, some not.

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