Bomb at Forest Guardians (Fwd)

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Tue Mar 23 22:05:37 EST 1999

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>Larry Caldwell wrote:
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>> > As the world turns.  This is hot off talk.environment.  So who are Forest
>> > Guardians and who's so PO'd at them to do this?  KMD
>> Just politics western style.  I doubt whoever set the pipe bomb actually
>> wanted to kill anybody, just scare 'em a little.  After all, it didn't go
>> off, did it?
>Just a little redneck joke, right?
Compared to what we get over here in Britain a pipe bomb in your mail
box is like a freindly warning.
The last medium sized bomb from the IRA demolished a half square mile
of central Manchester.
Things are much quieter now. The UDA have taken to trying beat 13 year
olds to death with pick axe handles with nails in them instead.
You wait till we ALL start running out of water in a couple of decades

Well, on that cheery note......................

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