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LANDSCOPE, News and Views from American Lands - March 24, 1999


	The Wasatch-Cache National Forest has formally started its forest plan
revision process.  If you want to be on the formal mailing list to receive
pertinent planning information and attend workshops from the onset of this
process, contact the Forest Service by April 5: Wasatch-Cache Planning Team,
Wasatch-Cache National Forest, 8236 Federal Bldg., 125 So. State St., Salt
Lake City, UT 84138. 

 . . .The Uintas harbor the largest designated wilderness in Utah, it is in
the top 20 largest wildernesses in the lower 48, and another 200,000+ acres
of roadless lands surround the wilderness.  The Uintas are the last hope and
home for wolverine, lynx, pine marten, grizzly bear, wolf.  The combination
of intact and large forests, high elevation meadow complexes and hundreds of
rich riparian areas make this place a very unique forested area in Utah.
For more information, contact Dick Carter, High Uintas Preservation Council
at mailto:carterpettis at mtwest.net or Susan Ash, Wild Utah Forest Campaign,
801/539-1355, wufc at xmission.com

New Organization Formed to Protect and Restore National Forests  
        The National Forest Protection Campaign (NFPC) has been launched to
work for public lands protection in the 21st century.  The mission statement
calls for, "protecting and restoring the integrity of our nation's forests
and public lands; including the ecosystems they support, the clean water
they provide, and the cultural and biological heritage they sustain."
Initially, the NFPC will work toward ending logging on public lands.  Please
contact Jeanette Russell for more information at mailto:russell at wildrockies.org

Environmentalists Oppose WTO Wood Trade Plans   
        Environmentalists have been very critical of a proposal at the World
Trade Organization (WTO) to liberalize trade in wood products, reports IPS
news service.  "Liberalisation of the wood products trade will increase
consumption, dilute forest management standards, and dismantle environmental
regulation," said a statement from the American Lands Alliance, the Pacific
Environment and Resources Center and the International Forum on
Globalisation. IPS also reports that the elimination of tariffs on forest
products is a priority for the U.S. paper and forest products industry. For
more information, contact Antonia Juhasz at mailto:antonia at americanlands.org
or 202/547- 9230.

Medicine Wheel Site Threatened by Logging 
        Wyoming Sawmills of Sheridan WY has gone to court to overturn a
Forest Service plan for managing the Medicine Wheel atop the Big Horn
Mountains arguing that the plan advances Native American religion at the
expense of logging, reports the Billings Gazette.  The suit claims the plan
would, "require the Forest Service to establish and promote Native American
religious practices," and that one sale has already been cancelled one sale
due to Native American religious concerns.  The agency indicated the that
the sale was withdrawn due to the roadbuilding moratorium.  

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