Bomb at Forest Guardians (Fwd)

Larry Caldwell larryc at
Thu Mar 25 00:26:36 EST 1999

In article <36F77C10.4F32174A at>, 
redoak at writes: 

> No reason they should ever forget it. If someone conquered Larry Caldwell and
> took his land, his descendants for the next thousand years wouldn't forget it
> either.

How do you think we ended up in the Hew Hess of Hay, Joe?  Nothing like 
ancestors from the border between England and Scotland to leave you with 
some real genetic pucker power.  

Of course, that's only been 600 years.  We pretty much let bygones be 
bygones, except for those damned traitorous Stuarts who sold Scottish 
independence for an English throne.

-- Larry

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