Bomb at Forest Guardians (Fwd)

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Mar 25 05:52:30 EST 1999

Larry Caldwell wrote:
> In article <36F77C10.4F32174A at>,
> redoak at writes:
> > No reason they should ever forget it. If someone conquered Larry Caldwell and
> > took his land, his descendants for the next thousand years wouldn't forget it
> > either.
> How do you think we ended up in the Hew Hess of Hay, Joe?  Nothing like
> ancestors from the border between England and Scotland to leave you with
> some real genetic pucker power.
> Of course, that's only been 600 years.  We pretty much let bygones be
> bygones, except for those damned traitorous Stuarts who sold Scottish
> independence for an English throne.
> -- Larry

At least the Irish, the REAL Irish, NEVER gave up against the world's
most successful imperialists.
Joe Zorzin

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