Root Collar Weavel???

DVK dvank at
Thu Mar 25 13:27:31 EST 1999

A few of my Red Pines (aka Norway Pines aka Pinus resinosa Aiton) have
succombed to what I think is a root collar weavel (I think that I've
heard of these creatures before, but I may be mistaken).  Anyway, the
trees broke off smooth and rounded where the stump meets the soil with a
little assistance from the wind.  Dried up sap cakes the earth where
this junction was.  Only one Jack Pine appears similarly effected.  I
have not seen any evidence of similar damage to my White Pines.

Question:  What the hell is happening -- is there really a root collar
weavel?  Will they spread to more trees?  Are only unhealthy trees
sussesptable to this pest?  How do I eradicate or prevent the spread?

I'm located in West Central (north) of the Lower Penninsula of MI.  The
Red Pines are from a plantation to prevent soil erosion and are about 23
years old.  Interestingly enough, the trees damaged tend NOT to be on or
adjacent to steep slopes, but rather near the edges of the stand -- most
of which (not all) would be adjacent to past crop lands.  No "farming"
practices have taken place for at least 7 years.

Thanks in advance.

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