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> The point is: The NSO's are ubiquitous. They exist in areas  the
> "scientists" maintained was not suitable habitat.

> They were not the hoped-for "canary in a coal mine". It's never that easy.
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> >> HULTGREN wrote:
> >>
> >> Oh this is a good one.
> >>
> >> When the NSO was listed in (around) 1988 it was estimated there were
> 300
> >> pairs.
> >> Now there are at least 3000 documented pairs. So many, in fact, they
> to
> >> invent
> >> another subspecies (the California Spotted Owl) and declaire it "not
> TES."
> >> The entire basis for the listing was such a sham (due to poor
> and
> >> now there's no remedy to the
> >> listing: and USFWS won't even respond to petitions to delist.
> >
> >Is 3,000 enough? How many is enough? How many are needed to stabilize the
> >population. 3,000 doesn't seem like all that much. How many were there
> centuries
> >ago?

Wildlife Bioloists say that Spotted Owls are territorial and one pair needs
x amount of acres. If I knew the numbers, I would do the math and figure out
how many pairs could fit in the acres of "potential" habitat. Obviously,
still not enough information has not been learned about the owls. Do they
reproduce well in marginal habitat? Where do the "single" owls and "ousted"
pairs go?

Also, the California Spotted Owl isn't listed but the USFS treats it like it
is. In habitat areas, no tree over 30" dbh can be cut, except for safety
concerns (another story ALTOGETHER). This policy affects forest health by
having superior 28" trees being cut instead of trees like 32" spike tops
(firs) and huge misletoe nurseries (pines). The CSO seems to get MORE
protection than the NSO!

I don't advocate cutting all the "mature" trees but, I do think that we
could "thin" the groups of 30" and larger trees to leave the healthiest
ones, so they can become majestic 50" to 100" giants (and produce
genetically superior seeds).
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