Owls Created Jobs

Graham Willers glw at globalnet.co.uk
Thu Mar 25 18:51:12 EST 1999

snip (lots of stuff)

>I don't advocate cutting all the "mature" trees but, I do think that we
>could "thin" the groups of 30" and larger trees to leave the healthiest
>ones, so they can become majestic 50" to 100" giants (and produce
>genetically superior seeds).

Just a small point. Unhealthy trees - especially trees that are so
unhealthy they are dead! are very important to the forest. They
provide habitat and food for 1000s of species which in turn provide
food for all the bigger beasties (of course).
Here in the UK we have guidlelines that reccommend leaving 15% of dead
trees for habitat.
It saves money in the end 'cos you get a better balance of predators
and therefore outbreaks of pests become less common.


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