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Adam Whyte-Settlar wrote:
> Isn't there a crucial difference between genetically breeding a tree
> and genetically modifying a tree?
> Selective breeding has been going on for centuries - ie picking the
> best of the crop as a seed plant. But using a virus to kill part of a
> genetic code and inserting a string from another species entirely is
> completely different.
> And as usual we havn't really got a clue what will be the end result
> 30 years down the line.
> And OK - we don't eat trees but other things do and we eat them.
> In the long run its all the same- it will end up in the food chain
> sooner or later.

 That's right. and the fact that we've been crewing with Nature for
millennia, does not justify more screwing. And we're headed in teh wrong
direction... screwing more instead of less.
 And greedy bastards like Monsanto are leading the way.


> On Thu, 25 Mar 1999 05:48:53 -0500, Joseph Zorzin
> <redoak at forestmeister.com> wrote:
> >Richard Simpson wrote:
> >>
> >> If it wasn't for geneticaly altered crops there would be no western white
> >> pine left in BC as the white pine blister rust wipes them out in entire
> >> stands.  If we didn't geneticaly breed the crops to resist the disease there
> >> would be none left so which is worse letting a species go extinct or
> >> geneticly breeding trees.
> >>
> >> Richard
> >
> >Genetically altered trees is one thing - genetically altered food is
> >another.
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> >Joe Zorzin

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