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Graham Willers wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Mar 1999 19:48:13 -0700, dmyerson at plinet.com (Dean Myerson)
> wrote:
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> >> If it wasn't for geneticaly altered crops there would be no western white
> >> pine left in BC as the white pine blister rust wipes them out in entire
> >> stands.  If we didn't geneticaly breed the crops to resist the disease there
> >> would be none left so which is worse letting a species go extinct or
> >> geneticly breeding trees.
> >>
> >> Richard
> >
> >Are we talking about genetic breeding or recombinant techniques?
> Exactly - Seems to be a lot of confusion about this everywhere.
> >
> >In any case, most cases of serious plant disease are due to narrow of a
> >genetic base. Genetically engineered plants are usually more susceptable
> >to most diseases - though maybe not to a single one they may have been
> >designed against.
> >
> >Dean
> Couldn't have put it better old chap!!
> Regards
> Graham

 And lets not forget one, crucial fact:
 Nature has handled nature, without man's influence for  billions of
years. Every time someone come forth and are claiming to "fix and
improve" Nature, I get chills down my spine.
 There are some people who want to "fix" all existence and every
lifeform, to suit them and their sense of what the world should be.


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